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Hydrotherapy is a pretty suggestively and aptly named concept, and one does not need to be a medical expert to be able to fathom out the meaning of the term. Very simply put, it is a treatment technique that uses water as the tool of pain relief. Over years, the branch has developed considerably, and as a consequence, several specializations have emerged within the field. However, hydrotherapy is best viewed as a science that relies upon the physical properties of water as a medium to treat illnesses.

16 oz Bath in Container
Salts comes in a clear plastic container with black cap. Contains enough salts for 3-4 baths
$4.99 each
If you prefer no color. Please specify in comments no added color.

Bath Salt Sampler
Includes (6) 1.5 lb Bags of Scented Salt.
The 6 fragrances are randomly selected based on most popular scents.
If you prefer no color. Please specify in comments no added color.

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Bath oils are the core of aromatherapy techniques. These include carrier oils and special bath oils which are blended and added to the bath water. Sea salt based bath oils are very popular and find widespread use in aromatherapy. These bath salts have multiple healing properties, the most prominent ones being regulation of blood circulation and aid in releasing the body toxins. Several athletes turn to aromatherapy and bath oils to get rid of muscular pains. Even skins disease patients are recommended aromatherapy with special purpose bath oils. And then of course, there is no shortage of celebrity couples who do not mind having their personal aromatherapy systems installed at home, just to indulge in a romantic and healthy bath with their partners!