Unscented & Scented : Coarse Grain

Salt is a primary constituent of a huge proportion of the cosmetic kits in every home. Hair sprays, nail polishes, perfumes and deodorants mention salt and its compounds as their ingredients. Even while you take a bath in the morning, you are probably surrounded by at least half a dozen salt using cosmetic items, most noticeable your shampoo and hair conditioners.

Sodium Chloride, the chemical form of common salt is a multifaceted mineral. Whereas most of us recognize its utility as a tastemaker in food, cosmeticians extract far greater worth from it. It might be with a dash of surprise that readers digest the fact that most of the oral care and cosmetic products sold in the market depend on salt as a key raw material. From shampoos to all the small components of makeup kits, all contain more than a handful of salt. It is common knowledge that salt has cleansing properties. That is precisely the reason behind its use in toothpastes. Cosmetic manufacturers make use of the same property and come up with facial ointments and make up accessories, courtesy our very own table salt. Salt is known to improve upon the thick textures that fluid cosmetic

Coarse Unscented Salts

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Coarse Scented Bath Salts

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