Unscented & Scented : Fine Grain

Imagine a world without salt, absolutely tasteless and devoid of the concept of good food! Thankfully, no such troubles burden the mankind. Existent in both the solid and liquid versions, salt is one of the more prominent minerals on the face of the Earth. Both land and water sources are utilized to add the salt cache for the use of humanity.

Salt rescued from the unfathomable depths of oceans and rivers is a storehouse of benefits for humans. The human body requires several nutrients for its proper functioning to be sustains, and sea salt is a better source of many of these nutrients than the usual iodized salt available in the market. Scientific studies prove that sea salt comprises minerals that strengthen the human body’s immune system and create a shield against nagging diseases of the likes of fever and flu.

Fine Unscented Sea Salts
1 lb Bag $1.99
5 lb Bag $7.00
10 lb Bag $12.00
18 lb Bag $20.00
100 lb Bag $100.00

Scented Bath Salts
2 lb Bag $4.00
8 lb Bag $14.00
17 lb Bag $21.00
80 lb Bag $90.00