Unscented & Scented: Medium Grain

Sea salt, being rich in its inherent minerals, acts as an alkalizing influence on the body, offsetting the acidic accumulations in the body. This has a lasting impact on human health, as the proper acidic balance wards of the advent of several serious diseases.
Fitness freaks would be glad to note that sea salt sanitizes the digestive tract in the body and speeds up the digestion process. Weight loss pursuers must consider this property of sea salt and try to adopt it into their cooking processes.

Medical experts suggest sea salt bath for treatment of skin disorders as lethal as psoriasis and eczema. Even diseases of the magnitude of asthma can be curtailed though the consumption of sea salt.

Medium Unscented Bath Salts
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5 lb Bag $6.50
10 lb Bag $10.50
18 lb Bag $18.00
100 lb Bag $95.00

Medium Scented Bath Salts
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80 lb Bag $88.00